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10 Reasons Why You Need To Update Your Will

10 Reasons why you need to update your Will

Your Will needs to change as your life changes.  So even though you have a Will, it doesn’t mean you are finished with your Estate Planning!

Throughout life and when any major life events occur, it is essential for your Will to reflect your current circumstances and wishes.

Key reasons to review and revise your Will include:

  1. You marry, divorce or enter a new significant relationship.
  2. You have new children, grandchildren or stepchildren.
  3. An executor or beneficiary has passed away or become ill.
  4. You wish to nominate a guardian for your children.
  5. You acquire or dispose of significant assets, such as property, a business or trust.
  6. You retire.
  7. You no longer want to provide a gift to a beneficiary mentioned in your current Will.
  8. A beneficiary has married, divorced or entered a new significant relationship.
  9. You have significant debts or may become insolvent.
  10. You last reviewed your Will over 3 years ago.

Effective estate planning ensures your assets pass to those you want to benefit. Make sure your Will reflects changes in your life.

About Con Plastiras

Con Plastiras is the Principal of Plastiras Lawyers.  Con helps private clients protect their assets during their lifetime and after their death.   Con is well known for his work in estate planning and has lectured in the Estate Planning subject in the Master of Laws course at QUT since 1999.

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